Global SPace Balloon Challenge!

On August 21, 2017, the Oak Park Rocketry and Aviation Club competed in the Global Space Balloon Challenge, the world's largest high altitude balloon competition. The Club launched a high altitude balloon in Nebraska to observe the total solar eclipse from the stratosphere.

The club collected scientific data from up to an altitude of 114,000 feet as well as photos and videos from on-board cameras. The club also live-streamed their experiences with their fellow students at Oak Park High School and the elementary and middle schools in the Oak Park School District in the hopes of sharing their passion for science and engineering.

The Oak Park Rocketry and Aviation Club extends their gratitude to the Boeing Company, their primary sponsor, who provided them with the support they needed to accomplish this great feat.

The Club hopes to continue their success in future years, as well as expand their horizons in engineering and outreach.